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How do Walmart employees find their weekly work schedule online on the walmart benefits website. i have been trying to find how walmart lists everyone's schedule at work at the store. I am new associate of walmart and i Can't find my schedule online. please help me and i will be very grtefull. thanks. Alex

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How do Walmart employees find their weekly work schedule online on the walmart benefits website? - MyWalmart Help

I am not 100% sure but i heard that you cant access your schedule online. You may be able to view your schedule in the CBL computers in the store through some application (see Personnel) if something like that has been rolled out to your store otherwise you’re stuck looking at the printouts. but one of my friends who recently joined there said there is an online portal for walmart associates and employees. i will post the link to the site soon.

I am so frustrated with the Walmart associate sites (eg: login, benefits and schedules)! The sites used to be so easy to access, but now we have to guess about which login is really a login, which benefit option is really about our benefits vs blogs, reviews, ads, google, etc. Worse yet: I keep getting denied access when I use my confirmed ID and Password!

I am unable to log in to view my schedule on line using my ID and password.

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How do I get my schedule online!

How I can found my next week scheule

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